Forum rules
Please watch your language when posting. Posts will be edited and repeat offenders will be warned.
When using this forum please can we all keep smilies to a minimum as this just makes the posts look a mess, think of a kids toy box that he/she was just stuck 3 pages of shiny stickers all over!

Also, txt tlk! We are not a mobile phone site, please DO NOT use text talk! Again this looks stupid and the Google bots can't do anything with it, however I will allow LMAO, LOL (in moderation, you only need ONE "lol" etc) and other very similar acronym's as these are understandable.

Subjects, please make sure all subject titles are relevant to the topic otherwise when a new member joins and searches for something he/she will get a rather confusing list. Ie, I start a topic called "bananas" and the content is about puncture repair kits, the member searches for "puncture repair" and in the list they see "bananas" so don't even bother to click it!

I hope we can all abide by these very simple and effective rules and help make this forum a better place.

I will be doing a lot more moderating soon and ALL posts will end up being changed.

Repeat offenders will have there posts moved to the "moderation queue" where it can be checked before it goes live.

Many Thanks

James - Admin
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