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PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:43 pm
by iloveabersoch
......Hi chaps (chapesses) I'm new to Quading but not new to Forums given around 3000 posts on ribnet which is a forum for all things R.I.B related (rigid inflatable boat) and with this in mind I know just how useful (most of the time) a forum can be to both newbies to the sport/hobby/subject as well as those well advance in the same.

It is with this knowlege that I come here for advise. I've just purchased a brand new Honda TRX420 with specific intent to drag a 3.5mts inflatable to the beack for launching the same and row / motor out to a small yacht we keep on a mooring.

Today I was approached by someone advising me quad bikes were prohibited from being on the beach (joe-public) and as such produced a local council leaflet suggesting the swim area, launching area, speed limit and the like, on which is sited Quad Bikes & Motorcycles strictly prohibited. However, this was a "RULE" not a "LAW" leaflet !!

I was not intending to register my quad for road use but I'm now thinking to do so and thus I'm a road going vehicle, plates, V% isrance tax MOT when applicable etc.

Can anyone advise the law on this ?

Many thanks.

p.s I did do a search here but came up blank.