Few questions before purchasing quad

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Few questions before purchasing quad

Postby DEEDEE » Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:27 pm

Hi. Been looking through forum and it's absolutely awesome . Amazing community .
Never owned a raptor before but always wanted since team dreaming days. Now I'm 26 and finally everything is much easier to own 1. I I am contemplating getting a rappy 700 coming to Christmas, and I am just trying to put all my homework together before purchase . I am probably gonna go for a newish bike so I can keep for a good few years hopefully trouble free
Firstly I am wondering will this be ok as I'm complete novice.
I am using 95% for road usage . Mainly to commute to work 10 miles 1 way . Was wondering how the stock tyres will hold up on road tarmac. How much overall milege before they will they need replacing ?
I have read a tonne on servicing the machine and I get a mixed review on servicing intervals . Roughly how often does oil need to be dropped out and filter changed ? I will be doing road riding nothing hard-core .
Anything else you guys maybe can point out to me with regards to maintenance etc ..just so I can get a look into everything before purchase .

Also because I have not ridden quad before can anyone point me in the direction of any legal offroading places where I can trailer my quad up and have a good blast round to get hang before coming on the rd .

P.S. I'm from UK Sheffield .
Many thanks in advance .
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Re: Few questions before purchasing quad

Postby mrtigger » Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:40 pm

Might be a bit of a handful for a first quad but as long as you're sensible you'll be fine. Riding off road however will not prepare you for road riding. If you're use to bikes it'll be a harder change to make as the dynamics and leaning etc are very much different. Probably take you a month or so before you get into the swing of it but don't be disheartened, that's pretty much normal.

Servicing is widely open really, some will change oil every 500 miles, some every 3000. But then some ride very high rpm all the time and others take it easy. A minimum of once a year or 2000 miles is a good bare minimum for most engines. And avoid motorways if its a daily thing, quad engines don't do well with constant long running high rpm for some reason. Perhaps consider lowering it and/or widening via shorter shocks or spacers if possible as this will help tremendously with centre of gravity and stability on long road rides.

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